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Donation packages and information about donating
« on: August 25, 2015, 12:59:16 PM »
Donating for the server helps the server to improve and to stay alive.

When you donate, you accept the following:
1. If you break the server rules after donating for VIP, you'll lose the VIP status and you won't get money back!
2. If you get banned from the server by breaking the server rules after donating, you won't get the money back!
3. You can donate for yourself only.

There isn't a minimum/maximum amount of money to donate.

When you donate min. 5 EUR, you will receive a donator rank (in game, forum and discord) and you will get these features (lifetime):
- /Heal (abilty to heal and armour yourself)
- /Tcar 1-10 (spawn tuned car)
- /Parrot (attach parrot)
- /Hat (attach hat)
- /Ccolor (change chat text color)
- /Cid (change ID color in chat)
- /Dsay (send "donator" message in chat)
- A public message showing everyone that you have joined the server (can be disabled if want by contacting me)
- Ability to shoot explosive bullets from every weapon


VIP Packages:
VIP LVL 1 - 6 EUR (Lifetime VIP)

VIP LVL 2 - 7,50 EUR (Lifetime VIP)

VIP LVL 3 - 9 EUR (Lifetime VIP)

Every VIP Lvl contains:
- VIP Chat (Use ! symbol to talk in VIP chat)
- Own chatrank (look: Rain (1) <Owner>: Hi)
- VIP Commands /vcmds
- Listed in /vips in-game
- VIP RANK In forum and discord

Other Packages:
0,50 EUR - 500 Scores on server
- If someone donates 1 EUR, then he will get 1000 scores.

5,50 EUR - Own mapped house in own decided place (You would need to map the house yourself and send it to Rain AND Public teleport command there which will be listed in /teles (if want)

20 EUR - Rank 100 (50 000 scores)

We are accepting these payment method(s):
- PayPal


When you have donated, send Rain a PM in forum and include in it the following:
- Your username
- Your E-Mail
- What you want to buy

OR If there's a blank where you can write message in the donation link, you can do that too but include the same things!

To donate, go to the home page of the forum and scroll down so you see the "Donate" button in bottom right corner.

NOTE: If you donate for VIP rank, you DO NOT need to donate for promotion.

If you have some questions, PM Rain or post here.
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